Three Objectives

1. Caring for People
Te tiaki i ngā tāngata

Sanctuary Park Trust has a heart for people, specifically those who have no place to call home. The long term dream for the Kiwifruit Orchard is to remove it and build temporary accommodation and educational facilities to help those in need. A place where people can be restored and helped back into society with confidence and independence.

2. Caretakers of the Land
Ngā kaitiaki o te whenua

The Land is a constantly evolving and growing eco-system and with good care will continue to become a native restored sanctuary for all to enjoy. We have partnered with the Regional Council to set up a care Group where they will provide the tools and we will provide the people. This is an exciting team to be a part of if you would like to join us in Caring for Land.

3. Centered in Christ
I roto i a ihu Karaiti

Sanctuary Park Trust is build on the foundation of “..encouraging and assisting people to live out God’s love for the World..”This is what Jesus Christ came to do and we endeavour to center Sanctuary Park around this idea of love for all humanity. A place where people become the hands of God, sacrificing their time to serve others and to help others in need.

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